Airbrush Makeup - The Cleanest Way to do Makeup

Airbrush makeup is the perfect combination of technology and art in every stroke of air.

Flawless, smooth natural skin and super long-lasting makeup have never been easier!


Flawless and Clean Makeup

I loved it the day I tried it out. It is easy and cost-effective, and, my clients started to be happier and happier with the results.


Airbrush makeup feels weightless on the skin while creating beautiful long-lasting coverage. Being much more hygienic since the product is Airbrushed (sprayed) onto the skin.


The coolest about Airbrush is that you may achieve a lot with a very basic kit, blending in to create colors and textures. Temptu has a super compact and wireless compressor that really reduces the size of my kit significantly.


My Favorite formula is the S/B formula, you can get the same product in different colors and textures that could be used and combined everywhere depending on the effect you want.


I definitely recommend to all of my fellow artists to try airbrush as a super effective technique to create the perfect skin for our clients.


With the Temptu air, you can do your daily makeup! Try it out if you love longlasting flawless makeup.


These are only some of the amazing benefits of using Airbrush to apply makeup. If you want to learn more about airbrush makeup Let's meet on a one on one class where you can learn all about it.