Henna - when Beauty and Tradition Meet

A Magical Night

The Meaning 

Most Syrian, Yemenite and Sephardic Jews celebrate the Henna. A magical night that goes back from our old days. It symbolizes the passing of the bride to the groom's home and celebrates the basic mitzvot that a bride adopts when she marries. Chalah, Nida and Hatlakat nerot (Challah making, Purity laws in the house and Shabat Candle lighting).



Styling tips

This is a Night to be bold! The beautiful dresses should be paired with a bold and Shinny look. Use a lot of Jewelry we loved Ilona Rubin's Petite Delights for our shoot. Be bold also in Hair and Makeup; this is the time to go for the big hair, smoky eyes and the bold lips, even together.

Tradition Meets modernity

Traditionally the dress would be passed through generations and all the decoration would be part of the family treasures. Though some families are lucky to continue this tradition some lost most of their treasures when they were forced to escape from their countries. A modern solution for this are the producers that would provide all of your needs to recreate this magical night celebrated days before the wedding.  

Be Yourself.

Even though this is the night to "dress up" don't forget to make it your own and have fun with it! Enjoy the tradition, the food, the magic.

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