How to do the right makeup for your personality?

Be your beautiful self

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Video by Sivan Felder for Felder Films.
Thanks to Nechama Jacobson, Talya Heller, Marna Becker and Batsheva Shachnovitz.

How to do the right makeup for your personality? Start by understanding that the most important relationship in a woman's life is the relationship with herself. Her looks are a reflection of that.

I Believe that Beauty is a Luxurious experience, the transformation into your true self. I think of makeup as a tool to enhance and represent the vision you have of yourself. It is not a costume but the way to becoming the best version of you.
My goal is to teach every strong woman tools and techniques she can use to enhance her natural beauty in a unique way,  just as she is as an expression of her captivating personality!

Enjoy my video about three amazing women and their transformation with a simple makeover, teaching them how to do the right makeup for their personality. And how a couple of tips could help them share their vision of who they are, transforming into their true selves.

Be Empowered by Beauty