Water by Katy Taurel and Sali Petel


The shampoo is one of the common products that we use. Washing our hair is a part of our regular routine in a very natural way, for some even is a daily thing. Yet shampoo could be confusing sometimes.

We have many options to choose from and many recommendations for use. There are two main factors to take into account while choosing a Shampoo: The health of your scalp and the quality of your hair.

More than only cleaning your hair, shampoo could also treat or prevent hair conditions like hair loss, dandruff, oily or dry scalp, scalp skin diseases, balance volume, help reconstruct the hair structure and many more.




To Choose the Right Shampoo

Here are a few tips:

  • Decide what you want from it. Do you want your shampoo to be refreshing? Do you have a hair or scalp condition that you need to treat? Or you just want to maintain your beautiful hair color? Once you know what you need your shampoo to do for you it would be easier to know what questions to ask.

  • Ask your hairdresser or your dermatologist for recommendations according to your needs.

  • Read reviews about the recommendations you are considering.

  • Try to use samples or to try it on the salon before you buy it so you could know how you feel about it. In any case, I suggest buying only the small size of your shampoo so you could always reevaluate if is still the shampoo you want to use after a couple months. Some say that is even healthy to change shampoo type every few months.



To use it

  • Apply a small amount (the size of a penny) on to your hand and then into your scalp. If your hair is very dirty you can try applying it to dry hair and then add water.

  • Massage it into your scalp. You don't need shampoo on your tips it is clean enough with the excess from the scalp area.

  • Rinse thoroughly.





It changes between hair types, but generally, the more you wash your hair the weaker it gets. Also, "cleaning" your hair too much could unbalance the natural oil production of your scalp. I recommend washing 2-3 times a week, for some, even one time a week is good enough. Here are a few pointers to know that you are washing it too much:

  • Your hair is thin and lacks shine. Probably it needs more of your natural hair oils to get stronger.

  • Your hair is very oily and you even feel you should wash it more than once a day. When the natural oils of your scalp are unbalanced it could also cause your scalp to over produce oil.

  • Your scalp itches or is very sensitive. It could be that is too dry from over washing it and that irritates it easily.

  • It stopped growing. No matter how long you wait it does not seem to get longer. (Check my article on How To Grow your hair longer)

It is amazing how paying attention to little things on our daily routine could really improve the health and looks of our hair. If you want more tips about hair care (or anything beauty) or have any questions please come to my Facebook Group where I answer your questions and share tips and product recommendations daily.

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