Katy Taurel Pink Pewter

Pink Pewter

Mireya Villarreal, the creator behind the brand is an inspiring woman. I was lucky to be part of one of her workshops and learned many life lessons, mostly to understand you just have to make things happen if you want to succeed.

Her passion for beauty started from her mother's hair salon where she worked as a stylist from a very young age. Then, inspired by her daughter she started designing headbands which fast became very popular and expanded into a complete line of accessories, cosmetics and salon essentials called Pink Pewter.

Each product has a story and in every product, you could see her tweak, an innovation and you can see her passionate soul. Accessories and beauty products fit for every moment and beautiful solutions to stylist daily needs. Her brand is as inspiring as she is, no surprise that is so successful in doing beautiful collaborations with influencers and artists.



Katy Taurel Pink Pewter

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