About Me

I believe that Beauty is the transformation into your True Self. Makeup and Hair are just tools to achieve it.

Hi! I am Katy and I believe that Beauty is the transformation into your True Self. Makeup and Hair are just tools to achieve it.

My passion is to enhance and represent the vision that you have of yourself through hair and makeup, not as a costume, but as the way to become whomever you want to be.

I am a Makeup and Hair Artist, specialize in Bridal and Editorial, teach workshops and have a blog to share my tips and journey. My experience of more than 12 years in the Beauty, Fashion and Event Industry have thought me that my work is to enhance your natural beauty just as you are, an expression of your captivating personality.

My love for fashion and beauty has always been a very important part of my life. I was born in beautiful Venezuela, where Beauty is a crucial part of our culture. Between visits to the hair salon with my mom and my family's clothing factory, I was always fascinated with the possibilities to create and express myself through beauty and fashion.

When I was eight years old, I began to have a skin discoloration know as vitiligo. It was very noticeable on my eyelids and legs. While searching for many treatments my doctor suggested makeup, and that was the best gift I ever got! I started searching and researching for the best makeup to cover my vitiligo and look "perfect" and slowly my love for makeup grew into a passion.

A few years passed, and I was 18 years old studying fashion design and photography. Often I visited the MAC counter for new makeup inspiration, until one day when I was twenty I thought "I am here so much maybe I'll just ask for a job".

They told me that I need to be a makeup artist. I studied with one of the makeup artists for the beauty queens (a big thing in Venezuela) and started my way into the makeup world. Through the years I continue perfecting my craft and specializing in Airbrush Makeup, Updos and making women look and feel beautiful.

I am now located in Miami and available to travel. With my Work, I strive to empower women through beauty to become the best version of themselves using hair and makeup as my tools to achieve it.

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