Nice to meet you! I am Katy a makeup and hair artist in Aventura, Florida.

Over 12 years of international experience as a Makeup and Hair artist have taught me that My Work is to enhance your natural beauty as an expression of your personality.

Love for fashion and beauty has always been a very important part of my life. I was born in beautiful Venezuela, where beauty is a crucial part of our culture. Early on, I discovered makeup and hair as a way to express my vision of who I want to be and that led me to find the career I love. Through the years, I continue perfecting my craft and specializing in airbrush makeup, updos, and making you look and feel beautiful.

Katy Taurel MAkeup and Hair Artist Aventura FL


A few years later, my husband and I moved to Israel. In Israel, I returned to work for MAC, where I continued to receive constant training. 

In 2015 I expanded to the Bridal industry as well. On my first bridal photoshoot, I improvised updos, and people liked it. Inquiries for Hair services started, even before I knew how to blow dry properly. For months, I worked with assistants for prep and blowouts until I felt strong enough to do everything by myself. Then, I studied with one of the top Bridal Hair Stylists in Israel and began following all of the biggest Hair educators in the industry for inspiration.

Airbrush Makeup

When I left MAC to become a freelance Bridal Specialist, many brides were inquiring also about Airbrush Makeup, so I decided to give it a try, went to Temptu and found an Amazing tool that made my art even more special. 

I continue studying to perfect my craft, learning from the masters in the industry about Updos, Hair Color, Teaching, Social Media, Marketing, Business Management, Skincare, and Makeup



My first makeup teacher was my mom. The women in my family are always very polished and made up. Since I can remember, I would see my mom doing her makeup and learn her tricks. When I was about ten, my mom took my sister and me to a beauty counter for a workshop, and since then, every time I would buy makeup (which was very often) I would ask for a makeup class. 

When I was 20 years old, I realized that I would visit the MAC store so much that I should just work there. They required that I would be a Makeup Artist, so I trained with a Makeup Artist for the Beauty Queens in Venezuela, and then started working at MAC, It was a dream job! where I received constant training in Trends and Techniques.

My Work 


Brides are the most magical part of my work. In Israel, I had the opportunity to expand and become a Bridal Specialist, doing Makeup and Hair for Brides every day of the week all over the country. When I moved to South Florida, I was thrilled to know that I could do the same from the Keys to Palm Beach. I am Based in Aventura, but, I get to be part of magical wedding days all over South Florida and empower Brides through Beauty. 


Sharing beauty is a passion of mine, that's why I create personalized and group workshops teaching and empowering women to transform into their true selves through their looks. I also love to train new artists. 

Set Artist - Photo and Video Shoots 

The magic of the set at a photo shoot is something I am addicted to. I produce my own Beauty and Bridal Editorials. I am grateful that Miami gives me the chance to work on the sets of music videos, TV, influencer content, blogger lifestyle shoots, fashion editorials, catalogs, and personal branding. 

My Blog

This blog started in 2015 as a way to expand my business and share beauty content with my portfolio.  My mission is to simplify beauty so women feel empowered and inspired by it. I strive to create content that’s practical, simple, and innovative. Sometimes to explain the basics, and other times to share stories that inspire me.  

I hope reading about my journey inspires you to use Beauty as a tool to transform into your true self

Have a Beautiful Day!



Katy Taurel

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