Airbrush by Katy Taurel



Flawless and Natural

Achieving flawless, smooth natural skin and super long lasting makeup has never been easier! Airbrush makeup is a great combination of technology and art. Many years I was running away from this one, it looked more like a gimmick than actual professional work until the day I decided to try it just to check it out of my list and have an informed opinion about it. I was greatly surprised at how easy and cost-effective was, and my clients started to be happier and happier with the results. It feels weightless on the skin while creating beautiful long-lasting coverage. Is much hygienic since the product is Airbrushed (sprayed) to the skin and almost no brushes are used to apply which also means much less cleaning.

The coolest thing about Airbrush is that you could achieve a lot with a very basic kit, everything could be blended to create different colors and textures. All are basically the same product in different colors and textures that could be used and combined everywhere depending on the effect you want. What made me decide is that Temptu has a super compact and wireless compressor that really reduces the size of my kit significantly.

I definitely recommend to all of my fellow artists to try airbrush as a super effective technique to create the perfect skin for our clients. For personal use, you definitely try it out if you love longlasting flawless makeup.

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Airbrush by Katy Taurel

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