Airbrush Makeup - The Safest makeup for the New Normal

Back to Beauty Interview with Robbie Miller from Airbrush Masterclass

Airbrush Makeup is the best option when getting back to beauty. Is the cleanest, most sanitary way of doing makeup. Makeup services in the New Normal are definitely different, and keeping them safe is always a top priority. This is the transcript of our Back to Beauty Interview with Robbie Miller from Airbrush Masterclass.

Robbie Miller is the master behind Airbrush Masterclass. It is a private, one on one, live online Temptu partnered school. Robbie is a celebrity MUA and has worked with the biggest Airbrush makeup brands in product development and branding. Many artists use airbrush makeup for foundation only, Robbie teaches how to use it for full-face makeup, multiplying the amazing benefits of this advanced technique. I had the pleasure of being his student and learning so much about the magic of Airbrush, in this unique convenient way that allowed me to get the best of both online and in-person education experience. We talked about the wonderful benefits of Airbrush Makeup as the most sanitary technique since it reduces the use of brushes and sponges and only the product touches the skin. Airbrush uses compressed air to deliver makeup. That delivery and the quality of products used come with amazing benefits:


Flawless Skin

Robbie describes Airbrush Makeup as "LIVE ACTION" photoshop. “Imagine you zoom into your skin and correct only the imperfections with full coverage, creating smooth, flawless, and natural-looking skin. “


Is Very Precise

There is no product fallout when you are working, and the product is applied only where you direct it.


Blends Perfectly

Properly applied airbrush makeup sits seamlessly on the skin.  The airbrush formula has a very cool technology with sheer molecules of pigment to allow PERFECT BLENDING. Applying makeup by air is the easiest way to create the most beautiful blends and gradients every time.

Compact and


The same formula in different colors and textures, so you can use it to create many effects. You need a minimal kit to create amazing versatile makeup. As Robbie explains “The airbrush is your foundation, your blush, your contour, your brows, your eyeshadow, your line or even your lip”.


Airbrush Makeup is the CLEANEST way to do makeup.

There is NO direct contact with the products or the skin. Meaning, less risk of cross-contamination and much fewer tools to sanitize. (Yay for not having to clean brushes!!!!) . A great option for acne and infection-prone skin because there is no bacteria spreading
Fewer tools to clean “I only have like three traditional brushes in my entire kit, one for concealer, one for brushing the brows, a one for applying glitter.”.


“When you use airbrush makeup, people compliment you on your skin, not on your makeup” - That’s the magic of airbrush makeup. - Robbie Miller, Airbrush Masterclass.


Lasts Longer

Regular makeup molecules are made to be moved so you can blend it properly. Airbrush makeup sets on contact. A good airbrush makeup application can last 18-24 hours with no touch-ups.

Airbrush Makeup

Is Faster

You are only using one tool, so you can do 3 full face airbrush makeup applications at the same time that takes to do one traditional makeup application. 


Makeup feels Weightless

In order for makeup to be able to go through the airbrush, it has to be very light on your skin. It feels weightless, does not clog the pores. Allows your skin to breathe, sweat, and function without disrupting the makeup.


uses less product

The formulas are 10 times more concentrated than traditional makeup. Foundation usually only takes 6-12 tiny drops. This means you are saving money on products. A 1/4 oz. size bottle=30 applications.


The different Airbrush Makeup Formulas :

🔸Water-based “Actually the first formula of airbrush makeup that was ever created for artists. It was created by a company called Dianair. They started in the Hollywood film and TV industry makeup. “ Water Based Formulas are natural-looking and matt. Great for men’s grooming and clients that prefer a matt look". Powder is barely used when using this formula.


🔸Silicone-based is longer lasting than Water-based and has a dewy look. Smoothes skin texture, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It is beautiful for Editorial and Bridal Work. Temptu has two different silicone formulas: 1. their original SB formula that has a dewy finish 2. their new Perfect Canvas, which is a semi-matte finish. “Perfect canvas is a water silicone hybrid. So it has the benefits of silicone but looks more like a water-based, it's more matte.” One of the most amazing benefits is that it repels moisture instead of absorbing it, so the makeup never smudges. The look you create stays intact for up to 24 hrs. 


🔸Alcohol-Based is mostly used for body makeup and tattoo coverage. Lasts up to 48 hours.

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