Water by Katy Taurel

Do you drink enough water? Sadly most of us don’t. We all know that drinking enough water is essential for our health, but we tend to forget how important it also is for our looks. Among other benefits, drinking at least two liters of water daily improves your skin, your hair, and your waistline. 10

My Bag baby edition by Katy Taurel

The weeks have passed and the time is here, while I am getting ready for my c-section tomorrow, I want to share with you the beauty products that would be in my hospital bag. The basics are A great moisturizer, eye cream, mascara, lip products, concealer, and cleanser. I added some of my favorite hygiene products. All

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A great colleague once said that “eye makeup is just preparing the canvas for lashes”. And I could not agree more. Our lashes are what define and open our eyes; it accentuates them, and our entire expression changes according to the makeup we decide to wear on our lashes. So what is Mascara? It’s what

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Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts 2018 - Katy Taurel

Remember when you used to steal your mom’s beauty products? We all did it! What better way to give it back than to give her the gift of beauty for mothers day. My top 10 choices for gifts are all from toxic free materials, sustainable and help to simplify your mom’s beauty routine. A big

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Makeup eraser by Katy Taurel

The most important part of makeup is to take it off by the end of the day. Sometimes it could become a little bit of a hassle at the end of a long day. There is a great product that, in the most minimalistic way, helps you remove makeup just with water. The MakeuUp Eraser is a

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Curling Iron by Katy Taurel

A must-have in any hairdresser kit is the curling iron. Nowadays there are many effects and textures you can create with them, from polishing beautiful natural curls, creating beachy waves or just faking hot rollers to give more polish and volume to your hair. How to choose the right one? The size of the barrel

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josie-maran by katy taurel

I love it when woman are empowered by an Idea and they want to share it with the world. Josie Maran, model and beauty guru did just that with her amazing brand of cosmetics. Inspired by the challenge of creating high performance and healthful beauty products and using Argan Oil as her main ingredient; her cosmetics

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A very important step when you get the perfect hairstyle is to make it last! Hairspray is a great product for finishing and setting any hairdo but there are so many uses for it as well. Some tips so you could make the most of your hairspray. Don’t use a stronghold hairspray right away, sometimes medium hold spray

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Beautifully curled lashes is a symbol of health and sexiness for centuries. And woman through history had many interesting, sometimes even dangerous, ways of curling them. From heating a spoon to applying many many coats of mascara, there is nothing that we haven’t heard is the “trick” to a perfect curl. There is a safe instrument we have

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The best way to plump your lips in a second is to use lipgloss. It is my go-to lip product to create healthy shiny and sexy lips. It could be sheer, colored, sparkly; the thicker the texture the shinier it looks. As sexy as it is lipgloss has a big flaw, it’s texture is not very

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Moisturizer by katytaurel

Good makeup starts with a good preparation. To prepare your skin for makeup use moisturisers and primer.

A moisturiser its a product that would help us balance the amount of oils and water in our skin. They could also help improve different skin conditions and treat them.

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Body wash by Katy Taurel

A very important part of taking care of our body skin is what products we use to wash it. As with shampoo and face cleaner, the body wash could really influence our skin, so be sure to use one that is clean from toxic ingredients and mild on the skin. I use the word body

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Hair brushes and Combs by Katy Taurel

When styling your hair, as in makeup the tools you use could help you a lot to create the look you are looking for in a faster more effective way. As in all of the beauty industry, there are many options, and it could always be overwhelming, a few tips to choose the right one

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Review of Briogeo by Katy Taurel

Something very fun I got into lately is reviewing beauty products on Influnester. Is a review based platform that allows users to share their tips, experiences, and reviews on many products. The fun part of this platform is that they run many contests and you earn points for your opinion and qualify to receive their

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Trought my #100daysofbeautyproducts I want to present to you brands that I have discovered and I believe are doing things right. My idea is a brand that understands the market, cares for the environment, and works! Tarte is a brand that has been doing this for years. Leaders in the industry, creating great makeup, hair and

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brush cleanser by katy taurel

Many times I get comments from my clients that their brushes stopped working as usual, or many times they start shedding hair. Most of the times the reason is that the brushes have not been cleaned. Cleaning your brushes is a very important part of your beauty routine. It would take care of them and ensure

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Beautiful Bridal Glam Liner

Get the look: Glam Eye Liner

Classic and timeless – learn the basics to apply the perfect eyeliner and how to enhance it with fake lashes.

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Defining your eyes is the way to make them pop. An eyeliner could be a pencil, gel, marker, or liquid that comes in various colors to help you line, define and create different effects for your eyes. Use a darker color to create a dramatic definition and lighter colors to create softer effects. To decide

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Lip balm by Katy Taurel

Maybe one of the best known and most used beauty product is the Lip Balm. Dry lips could be a problem for everyone men, women and kids. The main purpose is to create a layer on top of the lips that would seal the moisture and keep them from drying and chipping. Lip skin is

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Devorah Cosmetics by Katy Taurel

It always amazes me how makeup could be overwhelming to some and so simple to others. The way I see it is just a way to express yourself and present the YOUR view of how you look to the world. But as with clothes, we could get lost in all the options, colors, textures and

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Yarok by Katy Taurel

  My strategy to know if a product is safe enough to use is to check the ingredient list. If the main ingredients are difficult to even pronounce it is a sign that it’s probably not the best product for you. Unfortunately when it comes to hair products most of them are full of toxic ingredients,

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Katy Taurel Dry Shampoo

My biggest recommendation for hair care is Do not wash it every day! I cant say that enough! The natural balance of your hair oils could only occur when you let it work naturally, meaning let your hair get a little dirty, a little oil so it could naturally balance itself. Now, there is a way

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One of the things I enjoyed the most in Israel was all the small companies that crafted Natural Skincare. One, in particular, that I fell in love is Baby Teva. Founded by Bila Harel in her own search for natural effective products. This brand has a very wide range of skincare and aromatherapy products perfect for

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Luna Palette by Katy Taurel

Makeup gets fun when you use eyeshadow! One of the best ways to define your look is to choose the color, texture, and placement of your eyeshadow. An eyeshadow could be any product that adds color to our eyes.  Shimmery, Matte, Satin, Glitter, Pale, Bold, Shiny, Silky, Soft, Cream, Powder. There are just so many

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One of the best seller products this last year is definitely the Liquid Lipstick. It has turned into a must-have in every makeup artist kit. There are many benefits to the Liquid Lipstick. It is precise, long-lasting, gives full-color coverage and it comes with many options from matte to frosty texture in almost every color.

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Ahava by Katy Taurel

In honor of Israel’s 70th birthday, this week I want to dedicate my #100daysofbeautyproducts to share with you 7 amazing Israeli beauty brands and products that could be found or shipped to Israel. When you think about Israeli Cosmetics Ahava Dead Sea Skin Care is one of the first brands that come to mind. With

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My latest body care products obsession is the Bath Bombs. I have always enjoyed a good relaxing hot bath and I really believe that it does wonders for my skin and to relax my muscles. Lately, I started to add bath bombs to my routine and I just love them. A Bath Bomb is a ball

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Katy Taurel Blowdryer

When talking about beauty products, hair tools are very important. Knowing when to choose a specific tool and how to buy one is very important to get the result we want to achieve. If we had to decide on a hair tool that is absolutely essential it would definitely be the Hair Dryer (Blow Dryer).

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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Review by Katy Taurel

I was walking at the mall doing research for my project #100daysofbeautyproducts when I saw in a corner the most beautiful store. I just had to go in! I discovered the most interesting and beautiful cosmetic brand I have seen in a while. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. From bath bombs to mascara all of their

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Water by Katy Taurel and Sali Petel

The shampoo is one of the common products that we use. Washing our hair is a part of our regular routine in a very natural way, for some even is a daily thing. Yet shampoo could be confusing sometimes. We have many options to choose from and many recommendations for use. There are two main factors

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Katy's workshop-Nadya Fonkatz

Using the right tool for your makeup is crucial. A good brush could turn you into a pro in a second. Every brush has a flat and a round part; in almost all the cases the sides are flat and the top round. Pad with flat sides to get more product and blend in a

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Makeup Dictionary - Foundation by KAty Taurel

Foundation! The primary product that we love helps us create a clean canvas for the makeup we want to wear. It may be liquid, creamy, powder. Use it all over your face with a brush or sponge starting from your cheeks going out. Match the foundation to the final look you want to create taking into account

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Skin preparation is key for perfect seamless makeup. A primer is a product that will prepare and improve your skin for makeup. Any product that improves your skin before makeup could be a primer, but now almost every makeup brand has many primers that are very specific. It comes in various forms, the most common

100 Days of Beauty Products

A friend of mine challenged us on Instagram to do a #the100dayproject. And I got excited about the idea. What better opportunity to share with you for 100 days more than 100 beauty products and brands, how to choose, tips to use them and why I like them so much. I am very excited to

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I want to show you My 5 minutes Makeup Routine. Easy and with a lot of glow!  

Swimsuit Edition 2017

Summer is colorful and fun! Enjoy our swimsuit edition! Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!

Katy Taurel Salyse Mens Fashion Editorial Rori

Many Hats

A Beautiful Editorial for us that wear Many Hats and sometimes a beautiful Rori suit. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!

Anna Linden - Salyse - Katy Taurel


Psychedelic Illusions are full of color. Enjoy our June Editorial. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!

spring2-Nadya Fonkatz - Katy Taurel

Flower Girls – The Editorial

I love Spring and all sorts of beautiful Flowers blooming. We are pleased to show you our newest editorial Inspired in the Red Color and its romantic tone. We are pleased to show you our newest editorial Flower Girls. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!

Masha Kushnir - Marina Valery - Katy Taurel


The softness of spring in our newest editorial Inspired in the softness of spring. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!


Shapola Lace

The softness of lace combined with the colors of Shapola Jewelry  Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!

Katy's workshop-Nadya Fonkatz - 55 things you can do your life better in less than 5 minutes

Make it short and sweet! Here are 55 things that you could do in 5 minutes to improve your life.

The 5 minutes vision

Life is very active and dynamic and we can find ourselves letting go of things that are important to us because “we don’t have time”. Guess what? we do have enough time for everything! most things could be done in just 5 Minutes! and here is how you can do it…

Beautiful Delights

Salysé is a magazine that we love collaborating with. In the beauty edition, we had the honor to be part of the cover story. The inspiration for this shoot was the glow of jewelry. Enjoy this masterpiece photographed by Anna Linden

Mama Gu

  The Magic of the dead Sea and a very special accessory collection by Mama Gu. The perfect combination for this amazing photo shoot by the talented Nadya Fonkatz

Photography by Anna Samenova Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel

Boudoir at Nine Rooms

One of my favorite places to be is Nine Rooms Ladies Club in Yafo. It’s an intimate and magical club for ladies where you can relax, work and mostly feel like a queen. It was the perfect location for this magical Boudoir Session with the talented Anna Samenova.


We are pleased to show you our newest editorial Inspired in the Red Color and its romantic tone. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!  

Movement – Black is the new Black

We are pleased to show you our newest editorial Inspired in the Black Color and edgy fashion. Published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy!  

Henna Night by Katy Taurel. Anton Mislawsky Photographer, Nine Rooms

One of the most beautiful wedding traditions. Together with Ortal Sharvit, Dress, and Henna Events Producer we created a beautiful Photoshoot to give you inspiration.

Beautiful Lior Carmeli by Rotem Barak. Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel

The first Meeting with your Hair and Makeup Artist before the wedding is a really important one. There are many questions and ideas that brides have before coming to meet me so I decided, together with the team from My Day Blog to write this piece to help you sort them out and come much more prepared