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We celebrate the New Year, we celebrate every day! Our new editorial for the New Year published in Salysé Magazine Enjoy! Happy New Year

Get The look: Burgundy Lips

I love winter weddings, white background and warm tones. One of my favourite looks The Burgundy Lips. Deep and perfectly defined is the perfect addition to a clean natural look. Here are my tips to achieve this look.

Boudoir with Lillou

A sexy and luxurious boudoir photoshoot that took place in Givatayim. In collaboration with the talented photographer Anna Semenova to show a soft and tempting side of Lillou.

3 Looks for the Holidays

Three fresh Hair Styles you can build one on the other. Learn the easy steps in our newest tutorial.

Fall is Here!!!

Fall is always exciting. The wind comes in, the weather becomes chilly and it’s time to get  a warmer wardrobe. What I love most: Makeup get’s edgier, bolder and darker. Effortless is the word of the year when it comes to makeup. Soft yet edgy and of course Smokey eyes are IN!!!. 

Choosing the right hairdo is an important task before the wedding. When in the bridal consultation I always ask about the dress. The dress style is very important, not only to match the total look styling but also to know how to complement the neckline with the hairdo. Together with the blog Mekuftarot we wrote an article

Photography by Anna Linden Hair and Makeup Katy Taurel Dress Shai Rafaeli Model Alona Popchenko Styling Tamara Khechikashvili

Fairy Light Editorial

This summer comes with a ray of fairy light. Just before dawn Anna Linden and I met to create a Bridal Fairy Tale. Skin that glows from beauty and monochromatic soft metallic harmony, are the trends that inspire this Editorial. Check out more in the featured article on the Devushka Blog

Beautiful Boudoir for Tamar by Rebecca Sigala. Katy Taurel HMUA


A beautiful morning in Tel Aviv we started the year with the opportunity to work with Tamar. Tamar filled us with her amazing energy in a lightful morning in Tel Aviv. Photography by the amazing Rebecca Sigala Location: River park Guest House Tel Aviv

Your first Makeup

Beeing a teen is wonderful. You are young, fresh and creative. When you are a teen, makeup could be challenging, you are a beginner! I created this tutorial for you, easy fresh and age appropriate makeup for teens (or for the ones that still feel like one). Enjoy!

Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

Bold, sexy, smokey!!! Here is how to get a perfect smokey eye look in a few steps.

Perfect crystal clear bridal Glossy Lips

Get the look: Glossy Lips

Glowing and sexy the perfect compliment for your smoky or for a natural look. Learn the steps to get this trendy look.

Rocking in JLM with Lillyan Diamonds. Photography Anna Linden, HMUA KAty Taurel, Dress Michal Taylor

Rocking in Jerusalem Editorial

Your day your way
Funk it up, make it different and give it your personal touch!!!

The most important thing on your wedding day is that you are getting married. Then everything else is just extra and it´s there for you to enjoy it!.

Make it special and fun, do something that´s a complete reflection of who you both are.

Here are some cool ideas that Michal Taylor and I put together on how to mix classic with a twist of rock n roll. How to create a personalized Offbeat look using beautiful clasic wedding dresses and pairing them with out of the box accesories.

Getting Beautiful Tali Ready!

Working with brides is an honor.  I get to be part of one of the most important days in their lives. This task I work on with a lot of detail is more than just assuring that a bride will look her best beautiful self, my top priority is making her feel her best as well.

Makeup In five by Nechama Jacobson. HMUA Katy Taurel

How to do your makeup in five minutes

When I ask my friends and clients why are they not wearing makeup? Most of them, answer “I don’t have time”. The truth is you don’t need time you just need organization. Knowing what are you going to do and what to you need could cut your time by more than half. Here are a few simple steps to do your makeup in just five minutes!


Glowing  skin is the first thing that almost every bride thinks of when deciding on the look for their wedding. Here are some tips to achieve this look. Drink a lot of water and keep a fresh food diet so your skin will glow naturally. Have a gentle facial a couple weeks before the wedding. Use a pearled moisturizer

Katy Taurel Bridal by Rebecca Sigala

You look perfect, and everything is as you dreamed. Now its time to party!!! Here are the basics you need to take with you to the wedding to touch up and look fresh all night.

Bridal Hair by Katy Taurel

Wedding-Prep timeline for your hair

In preparation for your big day and in continuation of the previous post on how to grow your hair longer here, I talked to the hair expert Adi Freidson who gave us an excellent explanation of hair care options to prepare your hair for the big day.  

Katy Taurel Bohochic

Boho Chic – Editorial

Summer is here and the Boho Chic trend is stronger than ever! Relaxed and chic, minimalistic and bold. Bohemian and sophisticated. This is the beauty of this trend that keeps coming back and we love it! Here are some tips to create the perfect Boho Chic look for your wedding. For more tips on this look,

Katy Taurel Longuer Hair Afeef Tannous

How to grow your hair longer

Long healthy and thick hair for your wedding is very easy to get. Here are my top seven tips to help it grow longer, faster, and healthier.  

Boudoir Photography by Anna Samenova. Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel

Wakeup to Be your beautiful self

White and pure, refreshing as the morning. Her beauty is soft and effortless because she enjoys herself in just existing. A simple reminder that all we have to do is to Be. Wake up to you, to your beautiful self. As the morning invites us to a new day, start a new vision of your own

The Morning After Boudoir photography by Rebecca Sigala Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel

Le Chaim to Life!

Morning came, and slowly you take all the layers off until is just you two. It’s a new you, one you are getting to know, the real you. When together you are complete. The big day is over and a new day a new life begins. The moment we wanted to remember, the reason all this day

Winter Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel. Shanti the Funny Bunny. Eight Bells Wedding Imagery

Winter bride

It´s getting cold and the air is white and pure. And winter makeup is on! To show you the best winter trends, we made a beautiful shoot together with the bridal blog Mekuftarot, Shanti the fashion blogger from the Funny Bunny and Reuben the talented photographer from Eight Bells Wedding Imagery.  

An Urban Bride by Maydalee and Katy Taurel Hair and Makeup

Urban Wedding

Maydalee is a design company that does beautiful wedding design.  They created a breathtaking mix between urban design and the softness of the roses. Here is the post on Urban Brides of the photoshoot I was lucky to be part of.

Winter Makeup by Katy Taurel. Photography by Nechama Jacobson

Winter bridal makeup

I love winter, the air it feels so clean, and the light is bright in the morning. It’s a time to enjoy stronger makeup. Warm tones are a great contrast to the cold weather. My favourite color this winter is burgundy, in eyes or lips it’s flattering and versatile, fit for almost every look. Urban Brides

Screenshot from our Beautiful Self video by Sivan Felder.

Be your beautiful self

The most important relationship in a woman’s life is her relationship with herself, and our looks are a reflection of that. I think of makeup as a tool to enhance and represent the vision you have of yourself. It is not a costume or an attempt to be somebody else, but the way to be whomever you think

Alona Guedalia, HMUA Katy Taurel, Photography Anna Samenova


Alona is a sweet girl that I have had the pleasure of working with for a while. Romantic, sexy and classy!!! Our last project together: A beautiful bridal Boudoir session with the talented photographer Anna Semenova.   Location: River Park Guest House TLV. Lingerie: Lace Up Lingerie (Ukraine) This Beautiful session was featured in the Devuchka Bridal

Katy Taurel Gil&Ron Pink Wedding

Pink October

Pink October is always an exciting month. The idea of celebrating life to raise breast cancer awareness has always brought to me a lot of inspiration. Often I find myself as part of fashion initiatives to commemorate this beautiful idea. Last month I was part of a beautiful bridal collaboration. We created a pink wedding to commemorate Breast

  Natural beauty meets an edgier look as the fall bridal trends set in. A romantic game between glow and matte, dark and light, strong and soft; it all comes together for a balanced and stunning autumn look.  Here are some of our hair and makeup proposals for all of you autumn brides. Fall is