Bronzer By Katy Taurel



Sun Kissed

After using foundation, our skin tends to look a little too even in color, to improve this and give a tridimensional effect a bronzer is an excellent tool.

Bronzers are also used to give a sun-kissed look to our skin.

A bronzer could be golden, bronze or copper tones. For contouring, it should be a powder, concealer or foundation darker than your skin tone.

Bronzers can be shiny or matte (matte is much better for contouring). It could come in powder, cream or even liquid form.

Choosing the right color is crucial. It's recommended to take a bronzer that is at least two tones darker than your skin tone to get a  strong enough effect that isn't too dark. If you want a more sun-kissed look, go for bronzers that are in the copper, bronze, and golden tones depending on what looks better with your skin.

Positioning it's also essential. You want to place bronzer where the sun would touch your skin, the higher planes of the face, and not all over.

In general, the bronzing powder does not expire but renew it if you notice changes in texture and color. Other types of bronzer might expire, check the seal to be sure.

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