Brows by Katy Taurel


If the eyes are the window to the soul the brows are the frame to the window. Your brows are a very important part of your look and personality, how you choose to style it makes a huge difference if you like them natural or very defined gives a completely different look.


There are many brow products on the market, these are the most common:

  • Brow Gels: Or brow mascaras, they look like lash mascara but formulated for brows. Its purpose is to comb and set them in place and some are colored so it would give a fuller brow look and cover gray hairs.
  • Brow shadow: Any eyeshadow with brow tones is good. Some brands have specific shadows for the brows that are sheerer than regular eyeshadows.
  • Brow liners: Or sometimes also known as brow gels. These are gel liners (similar to gel eyeliner) made to give the brows a more structured look.
  • Brow primers and conditioners: Made to soften your brow hairs and condition them for better growth.
  • Brow pencils and pens: Thin pencils or markers to give a more natural look by drawing each hair.
  • Brow highlighters: Pencils, powders or creams in light skin like tones, sometimes shimmery to apply on the brow bone with the purpose t. For this purpose, you can use your concealer, highlighter or light eyeshadows. Personally, I prefer to use matte or satin textures.

How to choose the right color? First of all is a question of style the darker the more dramatic. If you are looking for a natural look, generally I recommend using to use the color of your roots or the darkest tone you have in your hair if you have highlights. For a softer look use a tone lighter than your hair tone.

Brows are the stylists of your face, play with different brow products and create looks you love.

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