brush cleanser by katy taurel

Brush Cleanser


For your Brushes

Many times I get comments from my clients that their brushes stopped working as usual, or many times they start shedding hair. Most of the times the reason is that the brushes have not been cleaned.

Cleaning your brushes is a very important part of your beauty routine. It would take care of them and ensure that they get the maximum time of perfect quality, but most importantly it would prevent any bacteria build up and future infections.

Every makeup artist should clean them after every client and deep clean them at least once a week. For your personal use clean your lip and eyeliner brushes after every use, your foundation and liquid products brushes once a week and your powder (eyeshadow, powder, blush) brushes at least once a month.


Products to use?

For daily cleaning, the easiest and fastest is a brush cleanser. Many makeup brands have their own, they are made out of makeup removers, conditioning agents and alcohol to sanitize and help them dry fast. If you need to sanitize a brush but don't have a brush cleanser at hand, spray it with 70% alcohol and it should be fine to use.

For deep cleaning, you can buy brush soaps or use soft gentle baby shampoo or soap like Castille soap. Be sure to use only products you would use on yourself free from harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients.


To clean them?

  1. Pour a little of the brush cleaner on the brush bristles. Be careful to put just a little bit on the tip and not in the part where the handle starts.

  2. Gently wipe the brush with a soft towel or paper towel.

  3. Continue until there is no more color coming out of the brush

  4. Dry Flat on a towel

When deep cleaning, do the same process using a little bit of soap and water.

The care that we give to our tools is the key to have them for many years.

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