Katy Taurel Sponges



Classic tool

One of the best-known beauty products are the makeup sponges. They are cheap, convenient and effective. Using a sponge could help us to apply makeup quickly and flawlessly. Latex-free sponges are best because they are hypoallergenic and expand when wet to make application softer. The most used types of sponges are:

  • Wedge sponges - Convenient and disposable. They are great to apply efficiently and with a nice cover. Their flat edges are great for cleanup and polishing.
  • Round Disc sponges - Best for compact powder application. Easy to use for full coverage. Use it up to a month.
  • Blender sponges - Great for a flawless look! They come mostly in an egg shape, some have a slanted side, those are my favorite! You can blend with the round part and apply padding in with the flat side to get more coverage.

Sponges tend to absorb product if you wet them before use so they would be softer and would absorb less product. Wash your sponge after every use and dispose of them when they can't get to their original color or smell differently.

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