Concealers and Correctors


and Correctors

When you need to give extra coverage to conceal imperfections, there are two products that are of great help: Concealers and Correctors.

A concealer is very similar to a foundation but with more coverage and safe to use in the eye area. Use concealer to cover darkness under the eye area or different imperfections in your skin.

It's fundamental to choose the right color. Sometimes matching the tone exactly to your skin is not the best option. Instead, try matching it to what you need to conceal. If under your eyes is too dark, using a lighter concealer can cause a gray effect, so use concealers that are not much lighter than what you need to conceal. In many cases, a corrector could be very useful to use before concealer.

Correctors are very similar to concealer, but the color is specific to neutralize imperfections. Depending on the brand, they come in different tones. The most common ones are yellow and ochre to neutralize redness, peach, and oranges to neutralize dark spots and pigmentation.

The lifespan of concealers and correctors can be up to twenty-four months. Remember to check the seventh amendment seal to confirm specific to yours.

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