Curling Iron by Katy Taurel

Curling Iron

A must-have in any hairdresser kit is the curling iron. Nowadays there are many effects and textures you can create with them, from polishing beautiful natural curls, creating beachy waves or just faking hot rollers to give more polish and volume to your hair. How to choose the right one?

  • The size of the barrel makes a difference.

    • If your hair is long or you just want really soft waves then try the very thick ones and work much faster.

    • A standard 1.5" barrel would work for almost every effect.

    • If you want to define or create curls then go for the thinner barrels.

  • For personal use is easier to use the wands. But for a better finish, the tongs or marcel wands provide heat from both sides therefor a faster polish.

  • Always look for irons that get to max temperature fast. The hotter they are the faster they work, less damage to your hair.

Materials like ceramic, tourmaline and titanium, or a combination of them, are great to protect your hair from the heat.

Creating different textures is always a great way to create much more interesting looks.

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