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Dry Shampoo

My biggest recommendation for hair care is Do not wash it every day! I cant say that enough! The natural balance of your hair oils could only occur when you let it work naturally, meaning let your hair get a little dirty, a little oil so it could naturally balance itself.

Now, there is a way you can cheat this and keep it clean in between washes; that is by using Dry Shampoo. This amazing product basically absorbs excess oil from your scalp letting it feel refreshed even if you don't actually wash it.


To use it

  • Wait at least one or two days from the day you washed it.

  • Do it at night so you would let it act overnight and brush your hair again in the morning to redistribute the remaining product and oils.

  • Apply it to your roots with a few inches distance so would apply evenly and it won't look like little white stains.

  • Massage it into your scalp. And brush.





In between washes one or two times depending how much you wait to wash your hair.

How to know if you are washing your hair too much?

  • Your hair is thin and lacks shine. Probably it needs more of your natural hair oils to get stronger.

  • Your hair is very oily and you even feel you should wash it more than once a day. When the natural oils of your scalp are unbalanced it could also cause your scalp to overproduce oil.

  • Your scalp itches or is very sensitive. It could be that is too dry from over washing it and that irritates it easily.

  • It stopped growing. No matter how long you wait it does not seem to get longer. (Check my article on How To Grow your hair longer)

If I could give you one very important tip for your haircare this is definitely it! A dry shampoo is a must-have item in all of my kits. If you want more tips about hair care (or anything beauty) or have any questions please come to my Facebook Group where I answer your questions and share tips and product recommendations daily.

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