Luna Palette by Katy Taurel

Eye shadows



Makeup gets fun when you use eyeshadow! One of the best ways to define your look is to choose the color, texture, and placement of your eyeshadow. An eyeshadow could be any product that adds color to our eyes.  Shimmery, Matte, Satin, Glitter, Pale, Bold, Shiny, Silky, Soft, Cream, Powder. There are just so many possibilities to choose from!.

Don't be afraid of color! Choosing the right color could pop your eyes and enhance your features instantly. Contrast it to your eyes color to make them stand out!



Few Tips

  • Choose eyeshadows rich in color that would show on the first application.
  • Frosty eyeshadows tend to be richer in color and smoother than matte eyeshadows.
  • Apply with a flat brush in padding movement to get the strongest color out of your eyeshadow then blend with a fluffy round brush. Good blending is the key to a professional looking eye makeup, just blend till you don't see the edges.
  • Eye makeup is a statement. Play with different styles, and trends to create the look you want to project. Go for soft, silky tones for a relaxed, romantic look; or go bold and big for an edgier look. Don't be afraid of color- it's your best friend when you want your eyes to pop!


One of my favorite brands for eyeshadows is definitely Natasha Denona. From whom I had the honor to study.

She is an Israeli Internationally renowned Makeup Artist, Educator, and trendsetter. Specializes in Fashion and beauty makeup. Her school is one of the best in Israel and home to many talented Israeli Makeup artists. Her makeup line answers to many needs in the fashion and beauty industry especially her beautiful eyeshadow palettes full of color and innovative products like the Chroma Crystal Top Coat eye primer that adds an extra glow to every look.

Featured on the top image: Lila Eye Shadow Palette

For this look, I used several tones from that palette topped with Duo Chrome Top Coat in brown mauve/purple

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