Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser


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Cleaning your face is an essential part of skincare. The best way to choose the right Face Cleanser for you is to match the one that fits your routine. Be sure to choose a cleanser that also includes some moisture in it so it won't dry your skin.

The most common types of face cleanser:

  • Wipes: A quick fix! Presoaked on makeup remover, no need to rinse after use.

  • The MakeUp Eraser: A super soft cloth made from a polyester/silk blend you just need to wet it with warm water and wipe your makeup off. It "erases" even waterproof makeup. After you are done with it just wash it in the washing machine and use it again.

  • Liquid makeup remover: Soak cotton pads with it and clean. No need to rinse. This is also great for corrections while you do makeup, use it with a cotton swab to perfect your eyeliner or bold lipstick.

  • Oil-based makeup removers: Great for remove long-lasting makeup. Some are good to leave in as moisture to the skin, some may need to be rinsed. Natural oils like Coconut, Almond and Grapeseed are also great makeup removers.

  • Face wash: The most similar to body wash, some leather as soap. Needs to be rinsed. Great if you like the sensation of washing your face. Look for ones that have moisturizing ingredients in it.

Clean your face at least once a day even if you didn't do makeup. Always moisturize after you cleanse.

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