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Glitter is an excellent way to take your makeup to the next level! It makes any look stand out way more. Usually, we would consider glitter to be a shiny mess but nowadays there are a few different ways you could apply glitter in a very clean manner.



Few Tips

  • Use glitter lipgloss to enhance your lips and give them a soft sparkle. For a beautiful editorial look (not long lasting) add a drop of glittery gloss on the eyelids and cheekbones.
  • Liquid glitter eyeshadows are a great trend and a super clean way to add a sparkle to your eyes. Layer a little bit on your lips for an extra shiny look.
  • Pressed pigments and glitters are super cool. They give you the same effect than loose glitter but come in a much more comfortable presentation.
  • Prime your lid before applying glitter with a cream foundation, a glitter primer or lash glue to make sure that your glitter stays exactly where you apply it.
  • If you are using loose glitter be sure to do your eyes (or the area you will apply the glitter) before so you could clean the rest of the face afterward.
  • Clean your brushes just after you finish applying glitter so you won't have an unplanned sparkle in your next makeup.

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