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Wedding-Prep timeline for your hair

Hair care


In preparation for your big day and in continuation of the previous post on how to grow your hair longer, here are a few hair care options that could really improve your hair and make it easier to get the hairdo of your dreams.

There are some good DIY masks and treatments to improve the quality, but only experts should perform heavy treatments like coloring, cuts, and chemicals. Be mindful if you are doing any drastic changes, do them at least two months previous to the wedding date so you'll have enough time to make adjustments if you need it.


Hair care timeline
At least a month before


Cutting your hair is essential for its health and to growth. If you are planning on a big hair change its best to do it before the trial so you can decide on the final look. Is also very important to have mini hair trims every 2 months to maintain the haircut.

At least a month before

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are a great option to add volume and length to your hair instantly; it can also be used to add highlights and lowlights without having to color chemically.

There are many systems to apply hair extensions, some more permanent requiring expert application and others  temporary like clip-ons that may be applied and removed in minutes.  If you decide to go for the permanent methods it's best to do it before the trial so that you have enough time to get comfortable with it and have a better understanding of how it will look in your final hairdo.

At least a month before

Hair trial

Schedule a consultation to decide what look are you going for on the big day. I recommend that you have the trial at least a month before so you have time to make any changes and treatments if needed.

Ask for guidelines for your hair care routine as to how often you should wash your hair and if you'll need any special treatment for the big day.

At least a two weeks before



Highlights are great to give any hairdo more depth and definition. Having different hair tones could definitely be  very beneficial for your final look. Have them done at least two weeks before the big day so the final color will set and look its best.

At least 10 days before

Straightening treatments

When you decide to improve and reconstruct your hair texture and body there are many options. At first, I recommend trying DIY natural options, but if a heavier treatment is required it should be performed by an expert at least 10 days before so it will set properly and allow for easier hairstyling.


Deep conditioning treatments

DIY and salon deep conditioning treatments can be done anytime before the big day. I recommend that you try it two weeks before the wedding for the first time and if you're happy with the result, repeat it a couple days before the wedding.

The day before

Final care tips

The day before is the time to take care of final details. Wash your hair and brush it well then braid it and sleep!


Care tips

  • Love your Hair as you love your skin.
  • Don't over wash it. Washing your hair too much can strip it out of its natural oils and ruin its balance. Two to tree times as week is enough to maintain it clean and healthy.
  • Be mindful of drastic changes. Plan in advance if you want to make big changes take your time so you could adjust to them.
  • Brush your hair. Brushing helps distribute natural oils all over your hair. If you have straight hair or soft waves, brush it daily, if your hair is curly brush it every time you wash it.
  • Keep it natural. As much as you can, stay away from heat based styling tools and chemical treatments to avoid as much damage as possible. If you just can't don't worry as you already learned there are a lot of treatment options to improve it so talk to your hairdresser about it.
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