Yefat by Katy Taurel



Classic Technique

The classic image of the ladies in the hair salon with rollers in their head! And even as technology advances, this is still one of the most popular techniques to give your hair volume and movement.

There are many ways and products to create this technique. My favorite without heat is the Velcro rollers since they hold onto your hair easily.

The technique that I use the most is my “hot roller” technique. What I do is that I use a curling iron to roll the hair and then pin it in place while is hot, the result is a beautiful polished and long lasting voluminous hair that then is super easy to use for any updo. The key part to this technique is that you pin the curls while hot so they cool down in shape. I love that is a quick way to do it and you can even DIY :) That’s my secret to do updos even with shorter hair, a classic with a modern twist :)

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