A very important step when you get the perfect hairstyle is to make it last! Hairspray is a great product for finishing and setting any hairdo but there are so many uses for it as well. Some tips so you could make the most of your hairspray.

  • Don't use a stronghold hairspray right away, sometimes medium hold spray is just enough and would give you a much softer look.

  • Use it to control flyaways. Spray a little bit on the top of your head and then tame the flyaways down with the back of the can.

  • Pinch your hair a little bit to create some texture after you spray it.

  • For a softer look yet long-lasting, spray your hair before styling it with the curling or flat iron. The heat would make it hard, then just comb it in the direction you need to give it a super soft yet long-lasting look.

  • Spray your hair from the tips up so it would fix it in place while giving it much more texture than if you would spray them from the top.

  • Spray your hair while wet and then braid it into a bun so it would have a beautiful texture after is dry.

  • Always spray from at least 3 inches distance so it would spray evenly and won't create white stains on your hair.

Knowing how to fix in place is as important to your hairstyle as actually styling it. So experiment with different ways to create a long-lasting look worth your effort.

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