Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts 2018 - Katy Taurel

Honest Beauty

This is a brand has it all! Part of The Honest Company, owned by Jessica Alba. This brand has a very simple concept, great products without "questionable ingredients"

I came to know this brand back in 2013 when my son was born and I was looking for good quality clean diapers, then discovered that they have everything from diapers (with the cutest prints), cleaning products to personal hygiene. They can be bought easily online, target and many baby stores and their prices are fair. They also offer a very interesting concept, you can subscribe to bundles of their products and get them monthly shipped to your home with a discounted price, you can combine some of their beauty products with your family products bundles!.

The same concept they keep on their beauty line. Honest Beauty, has beautiful high-performance skincare, makeup and hair products that are formulated with the safest ingredients. You can find them online, with their Bundle subscription, at Target and some Ulta locations.

If you like a one-stop shop for amazing products for all the family, Honest Beauty is a great option. Their products are special, not only clean of toxic ingredients but also convenient and very effective.



Honest Company by Katy Taurel

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