Katy's Beauty Club

Welcome to my community of Women Empowered through Beauty.

Your $50 monthly subscription includes:

  • One monthly pass to a Makeup Party (Valued at $80).  The Makeup Party is a makeup workshop directed to women that want to learn how to simplify their beauty routine and learn practical tips to get beautiful, effective results. Most months, there will be several dates available for a Makeup Party. As a member of Katy’s Beauty Club, you also get a Member Price ($50) for any of your friends or if you want to go to more than one event. 

  • Membership to my private Facebook group “Help Me Katy,” where I give online beauty advice in Shopping, Special Tutorials, and how to fix your biggest beauty whoopsies!

  • Special Coupons, Discounts, and Gifts from Beauty Brands. 

  • Online Beauty Coaching - Have a big date? Job interview? Don’t know what foundation to buy? Let me help! Just ask all of your beauty questions in the Facebook Group or message me privately.

  • Online Personal Beauty Shopping - I’ll be your personal advisor on what to buy and the colors that are right for you.

If you want to be part of a community of empowered woman and learn more about beauty this is your space! 

Come to my next makeup party to see what’s all about. 

Have a Beautiful Day!

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