Lash Curler


Perfect Curl

Beautifully curled lashes is a symbol of health and sexiness for centuries. And woman through history had many interesting, sometimes even dangerous, ways of curling them. From heating a spoon to applying many many coats of mascara, there is nothing that we haven't heard is the "trick" to a perfect curl.

There is a safe instrument we have used the last decades, the lash curler. Basically is a manual device that you use putting your lashes in and pressing so it would "fold" them creating a beautiful curl. Is a very safe technique but there are a few things to be careful and a few tips to make it work nicer.

  • Don't heat it. Many people heat the lash curler before using it with the purpose of making it last longer but is a very risky practice. You could easily burn or damage your lashes. A very good combination of lash primer, mascara and curler do a great job with no need for heat close to your eyelids.

  • Press the roots at the lash and not at the eyelid.

  • If your lashes are long, press two or three times in different places of the lash to get a better curl.

  • Curl them before applying mascara. That way you would set the curl.

  • If you can, don't curl them every day.

There are many ways to make your eyes pop! curling your lashes is one of them. Using a lash curler is an extra we can add safely as long as we keep in mind that we are working on one the most sensitive areas of our body.

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