Katy Taurel best lights for makeup




Light! What makes all this beauty possible. Your look changes completely depending on the light you have. The right lighting would help you see all the things you need to so your makeup would be perfect. You want to have just enough light so you can see all imperfections as they are and have it positioned in a way that is flattering and does not create false perceptions.

Daylight is the best but is not realistic, natural white light is the next best thing (some brands even sell bulbs name "daylight"). Avoid yellow, rose and fluorescent lights as they change the perception on your skin tone and texture and are not bright enough so you could properly see what you are doing.

You want the light to be in front of you so there won't be any shades creating false contours or imperfections. Stay away from overhead strong lights those are the less flattering.

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Katy Taurel best lights for makeup

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