Lip balm by Katy Taurel

Lip Balm

Maybe one of the best known and most used beauty product is the Lip Balm. Dry lips could be a problem for everyone men, women and kids.

The main purpose is to create a layer on top of the lips that would seal the moisture and keep them from drying and chipping. Lip skin is very sensitive since is very thin. It could dry for many reasons dry air, cold temperatures and dehydration.

Being so popular a lip balm could come in many options and forms. Tinted, with sunscreen, oily, creamy, in a stick or a tube. They can also contain many ingredients, check for those who are clean of toxic ingredients and are of simple composition.

You can easily DIY by using natural oils and butters like coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter or a mix of your own. Mix it with a little bit of an old lipstick or crushed eyeshadow to create a beautiful tinted moisturizer. 

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