The best way to plump your lips in a second is to use lipgloss. It is my go-to lip product to create healthy shiny and sexy lips. It could be sheer, colored, sparkly; the thicker the texture the shinier it looks.

As sexy as it is lipgloss has a big flaw, it's texture is not very "kissable". A few tips could help you apply it in a way that would look perfect and last longer.

  • Use a small amount. Apply a little on the bottom lip then rub your lips together. To smooth it up, blend with the applicator after you rub your lips.

  • Fill your lips with lip liner before to create a long-lasting stain before you apply the lipgloss.

  • Scrub your lips before using lipgloss for smoother and more beautiful application.

  • Apply the lipgloss at the end of your makeup that way it would look fresh and won't stick while blending other products. For my clients, I try to have them dress before I apply it for the same reason.

  • Always carry one of your favorite lipglosses with you so you could refresh your makeup during the day.

  • Use lipgloss! Is a great way to make you look amazing in just a few seconds.

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