Lipstick by Katy Taurel




Probably the best-known makeup products. In different textures and colors just wearing lipstick could transform your look in seconds and, is a great simple way to express yourself only by choosing a different color or texture.

You can go from bold to natural in all the shades, the trends are endless. To enhance your lips go for red undertones that are more natural and flattering in any of their shades.

To make the most of your lipstick I recommend playing with it, mixing them to create your own and find creative ways to use it. A few ideas on different uses for your lipstick:

  • As a blush or eyeshadow, just remember that strong red tones could irritate the eyes a little. To make it last set it with sheer powder or eyeshadow.

  • Mix a little bit of lipstick with coconut oil to create a tinted lip conditioner.

  • Neutralize tattoos, scars, and darkness with red-orange lipsticks before applying concealer.

  • Use frost lipsticks as highlighters and dark brown lipsticks as contouring sticks.

Enjoy playing with colors and textures and have fun trying this new uses for your lipsticks.

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