Liquid lipstick by Ofra

One of the best seller products this last year is definitely the Liquid Lipstick. It has turned into a must-have in every makeup artist kit.

There are many benefits to the Liquid Lipstick. It is precise, long-lasting, gives full-color coverage and it comes with many options from matte to frosty texture in almost every color. Nowadays you can expect from almost every good liquid lipstick a nice lasting effect without drying or chipping your lips.

Created for every day long-lasting wear, Ofra Cosmetics is definitely one of the brands that got this trend strong. Creamy and nourishing and with an amazing color selection.

Ofra Cosmetics, created by the Israeli Couple Ofra and David Gaito and produced in the USA. Is a professional makeup brand that for many years was exclusive to salons and professionals. They have grown to be a popular and internationally recognized name in the beauty industry, beloved by all the makeup fans and bloggers. Creating amazing collaborations like the beautiful collection they have with the makeup guru Nikky Tutorials.

OFRA Cosmetics is not just another makeup company or skincare line. It is a leading manufacturer of professional skincare and makeup. In addition, OFRA is currently the top supplier of beauty kits to over 750 United States cosmetology schools and salons.

Using only the finest ingredients found in nature all of their products are also eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free.

My Favorite Shades of Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick:

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