KAty Taurel After Sun

After Sun



Even with Sunscreen, we can get "burned" in the sun. Taking care of your skin is crucial to help it heal and avoid damage as much as possible.

  • Double the amount of moisturizer you use, burned skin reacts better to creams than oils.
  • Use cooling gels. I recommend the ones that are made from 100% Aloe Vera gel or Calendula. Both known for their regenerating and healing powers. Use them as much as you like.
  • Moisturizing sprays are also great to replenish the amount of water in your skin and calm the burn.
  • A week after you tanned scrub with a sugar scrub to help the renewal of the skin.
  • Makeup does not sit well on tanned skin so keep it to the minimum and if you must use thin layers of creamy and liquid products.

Let your skin heal before you start any new skin regimen. And remember to keep using sunscreen, even if your skin is tanned already the sun could still cause damage as in normal skin.

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