Makeup Dictionary - Foundation by KAty Taurel




Foundation! The primary product that we love helps us create a clean canvas for the makeup we want to create. It may be liquid, creamy, powder.

Use it all over your face with a brush or sponge starting from your cheeks going out.

Match the foundation to the final look you want to create taking into account coverage and textures. Pair it with the right moisturizer and primer to create the perfect look that matches your skin type and make it last even longer.

To find the right color always try it on your face and see if it matches, keep in mind your skin tone and undertone and the color of any imperfection you want to cover.

When to renew: Foundation has a very long lifespan, up to two years.


Foundation types

Foundation comes in many textures and options.

The Most Known are :

  • Creamy Foundation: Built from Emollients and pigments, a thicker option to create a smooth texture and generally strong cover.
  • Liquid Foundation: A Softer option, even when it's full coverage still creates a softer thinner layer. Some are also rich in water so they give a soft moisture and a fresh look.
  • Powdered Foundation: A very convenient option. Creates a very smooth and matte look.
  • Airbrush Foundation: The newest in the market. Airbrushed into the skin creates thin and long lasting layers for a very natural polished look.

Every type has its benefits, choose the one that suits the most to the effect you want to create but also the one that it's most convenient for you.

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