A great colleague once said that "eye makeup it's just preparing the canvas for lashes". And I could not agree more. Our lashes are what defines and open our eyes; it accentuates them, and our entire expression changes according to the makeup we decide to wear in our lashes.

So what is Mascara? It's what we use directly on our lashes to color and enhance them. Using a mascara could enhance definition, length and volume of your lashes; the formula and brush that comes within your mascara will define the effect.

Take care of your eyes and be mindful of the expiration date. If you use your mascara every day, renew it every two months if not give it up to four months. A good way of knowing that if mascara it's not fresh anymore is when it feels heavier than usual, and it becomes harder to remove its time to renew it.

Go big! Wear mascara, play with different effects and if you want more drama ad extra lashes with primer and fake lashes.

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