Tinted Moisturizers


Multi purpose product

A tinted moisturizer is very useful for our everyday makeup, prepping your skin with a soft layer of coverage while moisturizing and protecting it from the sun. I love a product that saves me time while doing many things at once.

When choosing the right one for you think of it as skin care and match it to your skin type and needs. Look for formulas that are based on natural ingredients that make your skin glow from within.

A few application tips:

  • Use your hands while applying it to massage it evenly onto your skin, the warmth of your hands would add an extra glow!
  • Skip the powder to keep a fresh dewy look.
  • Play with the tone, is a very sheer product, you can slightly change the tone to a darker one or a different undertone to get a very soft sunkissed look. Match the tone to your shoulders to get a tone closer to your body and blend it well.
  • Reapply it through the day to restore the moisturizer and SPF as need it.
  • Mix it with your favorite skin care to enhance moisture or sun protection.

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