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For your skin

Good makeup starts with good preparation. Prepare your skin for your makeup with moisturizers and primer.

A moisturizer is a product that helps us balance the oils and water in our skin. They may also help improve different skin conditions and treat them.

Look for moisturizers that are simple and fast to absorb. Natural ingredients like shea butter, grape seed oil, almond oil, vitamin C, chamomile and grapefruit extract are excellent for your skin.

Moisturizers come in different mediums:


Soft water like liquid to splash on your clean face as well as be applied on top of the makeup to refresh it.  This type of moisturizer is excellent to calm your skin, renew the amount of water in your skin.


It's a softer medium where the molecules are much smaller, so it goes faster into the skin, making it an ideal medium for deeper treatment and in preparation for the rest of the makeup.


Is a thick liquid that absorbs very quickly which makes it perfect for oily skin or people that don't like the feel of thicker creams.


Another fast absorbing medium, generally very rich in water.


Thicker and richer than lotion. Excellent for nourishing the skin.


A paste thicker than the cream. Almost like solid oil or butter in texture.


In its pure form, it's one of the best ways to get rich, heavy moisture.

To choose the right medium keep in mind your skin's needs. For oily to combination skin prefer gel and water-based moisturizers that are fast absorbing, if your skin is very dry go for stronger and thicker cream, balm or oil moisturizers

The lifespan of moisturizers is up to two years.

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