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To smooth the skin and seal the foundation its great to use powders. Powder could come compact or loose; sheer or with a lot of coverage.

Every foundation needs to be sealed to achieve a much better finish, even if it's just in some specific areas of the face like the T- Zone. Using powder will improve the final texture, control blot and make the makeup last longer.

The compact powder is a little more comfortable and portable than the loose one, but sometimes loose powder could give a softer look.

Use a sheer powder for a softer more natural look and to retouch. Use a powder with more coverage to improve a flawless look or renew your makeup in the middle of the day.

A good way to manage the coverage of your powder gives you it's by using different brushes. Use a big fluffy brush to achieve a soft look with sheer coverage, use a smaller buffer brush to get maximum coverage.

Powders don't have a definite expiration date but be mindful to keep them clean. If you use a sponge to apply the powder, store it separately and renew it every month.

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Katy Taurel Powder

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