Sunless Tan Katy Taurel

Sunless tan



Safely achieving a beautiful sunkissed look is possible in two ways: Makeup and Sunless Tanning products.

Unlike UV tanning (UV chambers or beds), Sunless tanning is safe since there is no exposure to UV rays or burning of the skin. In most of them, the “tan” is achieved by the active ingredient  DHA (dihydroxyacetone),  The resulting reaction of this agent and the amino acids in the skin causes browning, but unlike the reaction caused by UV rays, it involves only the outermost, dead cell layer of the skin.

You can get spray tan professionally or use home products. To achieve professional quality at home, remember to exfoliate before and apply it to smooth skin following the instructions carefully. Wash your hands to avoid streaks afterward. Remember that when you are tanned fake or from the sun, it does not mean you are immune to sun damage so you still have to stick to a sun-safe routine of sunscreen and protective clothing.

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