Katy Taurel Mami Needs a Break - Moms Makeup FAQ

Mami Needs a Break - Mom's Makeup FAQ

Mami Needs a Brake is a Blog for moms to talk about our "brakes" the moments we take to ourselves, to pamper, improve and take care of us.

In my interview, we talk about the difference in makeup when you are a mom. As much as I would like to insist IT'S THE SAME! I know that for many of us it is not. We have less time (or different priorities) and we have more activity (my positive way of saying we are TIRED lol).

Makeup for moms should be as it is for everyone: Simple and Effective. Many of us have similar concerns. I answer 6 of the most frequent questions that moms have about makeup.


How do you cover dark circles?

Skincare, hydration, and nutrition are crucial, remember you can work hard on covering but the main goal should be to eliminate or reduce your Dark Circles as well.

Eye creams that have caffeine are great to improve the look of dark circles. Some of my favorites: 

Choosing the right concealer is also very important. It needs to be the same tone as our skin and not lighter than our dark circles so it could cover them. In most cases, peach undertones are better to neutralize the color. 

My little secret is that I use a liquid highlighter in peach tones before the concealer. The light and the color will help me conceal the darkness so covering would be easier. I use mostly the S/B highlighter 0054 from Temptu, even though it is for use with the airbrush you could use it with a sponge and get beautiful results.

The most important tip is to use very thin layers of product and especially concealer to avoid creases. I like to pat in with sponge so it would look smooth. If it looks too thick then you can blend it with a little eye cream. 


What's your favorite moisturizer?

Moisturizing is key for healthy skin. Some skip it to avoid the "greasy" look when this actually could dry your skin and even make it look much more imbalanced. Water-based moisturizers are a must-have and great for most skin types. Every face has different needs according to skin type and condition, but here are some general recommendations that I love. 

  • Lush - Eau Roma Water A delicious Rose and Lavender water spray perfect to revitalize and refresh your skin.
  • Sheet Masks are a great strategy to boost your moisture fast and effectively. My favorite brand is Biobelle Cosmetics they have a wide variety of masks and are always innovating on new ones. Some I use for extra moisture are:
    • Unicornglow with chocolate and honey
    • Beautyscoop with avocado and collagen Staygorgeous with almond oil and vitamin E.
    • Peachy with peach extract and Hyaluronic acid the best moisture booster.
  • First Aid Beauty - Ultra repair cream. Absorbs super fast and comes in different presentations so you can choose which you love most. 
  • MAC Strobe cream de MAC An all-time favorite, full of antioxidants and pearl powder to give your skin a lasting natural glow.
  • Fresh Rose deep hydration moisturizer I Just love rose water and this one is very concentrated yet easy to absorb.

How to have the perfect Brows

Defining your brows is extremely important, its the frame to our eyes and have a lot of influence in your expression. 

The fastest way is to use brow mascaras like gimme brow from benefit, these combs and fill your brows. A cool tip that I like to do is to line the bottom of your brow with a little from the mascara using an angled brush.  

It's also very important to respect your brow shape. A good guide is to measure with our face, it should start where our nose ends, arch where the eye color is and finish diagonal to the outer corner of your eye. 


Is always good to have a brow professional you trust to shape and maintain your brows for you. 


Tips for fast Makeup

The most important thing is to know what you are doing! That would really help you to know each step and the products you need to use. 

Prioritize the areas where you want to focus and start from there. If you have more time then, continue with more detail. My priorities: Brows, lashes, concealer, and lipgloss. 

A few time-saving tips:

  • Apply blush with the same brush on your eyelids and cheeks, the blush tones are a great base for your eye makeup.
  • Take care of your skin. Good moisture and hydration are key for glowing skin that needs less makeup.
  • Use only a few products and tools, that way you avoid distraction and confusion. I love to use products for more than one function: Blush as eyeshadow, Lipstick as a cream blush, eye shadow as a highlighter...
  • Use shiny and metallic eyeshadows, they create a special look very fast. I love the new liquid eyeshadows that are easy to use and long-lasting some that I love fairy lights de pixy beautyeye pigments de milk makeup y Stila glitter and glow liquid eye shadow. These eye-shadows are great to use on the lips as well for a lasting glossy effect.

If you want a full five-minute makeup routine, Check my 5 minutes makeup tutorial.


Natural beauty brands you love?

Natural toxic and cruelty free beauty is growing each day! 


How do you remove your makeup?

Removing your makeup is as important as applying it. Your skin needs to be relieved from makeup and pollutants from the air, cleaning it at the end of the day is, in my opinion, the most important skincare step you need to take. 

To make it simple and easy I use The makeup eraser, It's a special fiber towel that removes makeup only with warm water. No need of any other makeup removers. It removes even the most long-lasting makeup. After using it you wash it and reuse it as much as you like. Remember to moisturize when you are done :) 

Makeup Eraser
How to Avoid Dark circles
Skin Care Recommendations for moms
Happy Mom Happy Run, Makeup in Five minutes !

As moms we need balance. Giving ourselves a few moments each day to look and feel great is a great way we could be the best versions of ourselves. Mami needs a break is a very inspiring motherhood blog, I am excited to be a part of the team and help simplify beauty for moms. 

I am here to simplify beauty for you. These questions were collected from social media surveys, I hope my answers were helpful and inspire you to be empowered by beauty. If you are in Miami, come to my next class where I will personally answer all of your beauty questions and teach you my tips and tricks to look and feel great every day!

Click here If you like to read this article in Spanish in the Mami Needs a break blog. 

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