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Melt-Proof your look

Are you


It’s Boiling outside, and you feel like you're going to melt?

Long lasting "melt-proof" products are a huge trend! Waterproof mascara and eyeliner, 24 hr makeup lines and kiss proof lipsticks are a must have for every brand! But it is the application and priming technique what would ensure that your look would last all night. These are my tips to melt-proof your beauty, makeup, and hair routine.


Prepare your skin this summer

Take good care of your skin because perfect skin is the biggest trend of the year!

  • Drink! Your skin needs water and lots of it. Drink lots of water and eat fruits to nourish it from within.

  • Keep it simple. Use fast absorbing lightweight products. Grapeseed and Grapefruit oil are amazing for the summer.

  • Don’t overdo it with oil control. Skin gets oilier in the summer, but it also gets more dehydrated. Look for creams that control blot while supplying enough moisture to the drier areas of your skin.

  • Use SPF!!! Protect your skin from the sun even if you want to get a little tanned. A good way to get SPF into your routine it’s by using primers that have it.

  • Prime the skin. Prepare your skin for makeup with thin layers of your moisturizer and primer. Look for a primer that absorbs oil through the day.

  • Use your brushes to get thinner layers of product and help it absorb faster.

  • Use a mist moisturizer through the day to keep your skin hydrated.

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Hair care

  • Brush it! When you brush your hair, you distribute all the oils from the roots keeping it naturally moisturized and less greasy looking.

  • Use a hair mask once a week and add a couple drops of Argan Oil after washing it.

  • Protect it from heat. Use a heat protectant before using hot styling tools and Sea salt spray to protect it from hot weather.

  • Braid it before bed (or during the day) to keep it from tangling.

  • Avoid washing it too much, it could unbalance your natural oils, making your roots too dry or in some cases, making your scalp overproduce oils to keep up with the cleaning. Wash a maximum of two times a week. You can use a dry shampoo between washes to control excess oils.


Your Makeup

Less Is More

  • Prime Use primers to help your makeup last longer, most of them improve and smooth your skin and also create a layer before the makeup making it slower to be absorbed.

  • Apply less product. Go for thinner layers of lightweight products. Use your brush to control the amount.

  • Don’t overdo it with the powder. Too much product means more product that can be smudged. Reapply a thin layer of powder through the day by pressing it into the skin with a big fluffy brush.

  • Go for waterproof long lasting products. Obvious but good to remember.

  • Use lip products that are rich in moisture. Peeled lips are very common in the summer and one of the most common reasons for your lip color not lasting enough.

  • Blend it! Blend your makeup with fluffy brushes to buff it into the skin and make it last!


Beauty Tips

  • To feel fresh throughout the day use baking soda with your deodorant. Another great tip is to fill a cotton ball with perfume and stick it into your clothes so you have a fresh, lasting scent through the day.

  • Make sure you drink enough water and eat fresh foods.

  • Add some exercise to your daily routine and make sure you also sleep enough so your body will be at its best.

If you want more tips about beauty products or if you have any questions please come to my Facebook Group where I answer your questions and share tips and product recommendations daily.

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