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In my research for my last article about Amika, I discovered a wonderful Charity. Hair To Stay is a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness and financial aid for scalp cooling technology, a treatment which can prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

One of the most devastating side effects of chemotherapy is Hair Loss to the point that many patients refuse it just by the idea of losing their identity, privacy and sense of wellbeing. For many patients, scalp cooling is not only life changing but lifesaving.  Recently granted FDA Clearance, scalp cooling is not covered by most insurance providers and thus inaccessible for many.

What is scalp cooling?

By cooling the scalp during chemotherapy, hair loss can be prevented by impacting two cellular processes. Scalp cooling constricts the blood vessels in the hair follicles, thereby exposing them to less of the chemotherapy medication that often results in total hair loss. Additionally, chemotherapy’s effects on hair follicles are reduced due to the slowing of cellular metabolism. By inhibiting hair loss, scalp cooling technology works to maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy in a patient’s life and can reduce the emotional damage that hair loss can cause.

You can help Hair To Stay  in many ways. Donating on their website, buying Amika products (1% of their proceeds on their website goes to Hair To Stay and you can also add your donation at checkout), and assisting or hosting a salon-a-thon a super creative campaign where salons donate their proceeds or a portion of them during a whole day of working.Two times a year, HairToStay will be coordinating national salon-a-thon campaigns for salon owners, stylists and hair care suppliers. In May, in honor of Mother’s Day, and in October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a participant salons will be a part of a national campaign, benefit from national and local publicity, receive Salon-a-Thon collateral and additional support. You may also host a Salon-a-Thon fundraiser on any other day if that works better for you.I believe that beauty comes from within not only by taking care of our health but also by doing beautiful acts. This Amazing treatment and Organization are really inspiring, bringing beauty to those who really need it and bringing a much-needed Solution with Innovation and creativity.

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