Fixing and Setting Sprays



A very good and effective way to include skincare on your daily routine is to use Sprays. They apply and absorb fast creating a seamless effect.

Mistakenly, we things that all of them are the same, but actually there are at least three types of sprays that we could work with and they create very different results.

Hydrating spray: Great to quench your skin and add extra moisture to it during the day or after removing your makeup for a quick moisture fix. Pro Tip: Use it before your makeup to prime, splash your blender sponge with it to get a softer effect.

Setting spray They help us prime and blend the layers of primer and makeup on your skin. It creates a seamless look and holds everything in place. They are great to blend powdered and mineral foundations. Mostly water and essential oils based. Pro Tip: Splash a bit on your eyeshadow brush to create a higher shine and intense texture.

Fixing spray: These are the ones that help your makeup last longer. They are mostly alcohol-based and may contain oils but alcohol is usually one of the top four ingredients. It works better when combined with a previous layer of setting spray since it gets to all layers of makeup that way. They tend to have more perfume to cover the alcohol scent; if your skin is dry or sensitive use it only on special occasions. Pro Tip: They come in different finishes, matte or glowy choose according to your desired effect.

Now that you know the different spray options you can choose to use them alternatively or together according to your desired effect. I love to start and finish my makeup with splashes it feels refreshing as well it makes it look much more beautiful.

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