Six Things to Know before your Bridal Trial

Before we meet 

Be clear on the meeting's objectives 


My main goal when I meet a new bride for the first time is to get to know her and understand how we work together. It is crucial that we both know what you as a Bride want and together get to the best sketch of what your bridal look will be. But is also essential that we get to know each other as to synchronize our styles for your best look. In the meeting, I make a point to understand what you like and also how your hair and skin behave so I could get them to look the very best for the big day.



Be open to trying new things

When you shop for dresses you try a few right? The same goes for Hair and Makeup. Be open to check out different looks and suggestions that way together we can choose the best look for you.

Wear White

Is important you get the closest picture to the big day! So wear white and if you can a similar neckline to your dress's. That way you can get the closest picture of what would be like on the big day. 

Get Some Inspiration


I love when brides do homework! Before our first meeting is crucial that you have some inspiration and ideas on your total look. The dress, accessories, flowers, looks that you liked. I love working with Pinterest is a great source for inspiration and easy to save it. After the trial, we create a secret shared board were we put all of our ideas, inspiration, articles relevant to you and pictures of the trial.




Come with a friend

A friend, your mom, sister or even your designer. Someone you trust and could give you an objective opinion on the look and also share new Ideas. That would help you feel more confident about your decisions. 

You can change your mind.

A trial is just a trial, a meeting to try different options. To the moment you are ready to wed lots of things happen and you can change what you want for your wedding look. The important thing is that we know each other and I understand your hair and skin so I would know how to work with it best. If you feel that you need a different look that's fine. You are most beautiful when you feel yourself.

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Hair, Makeup and Styling Katy Taurel

Photography Rotem Barak

Model Lior Carmeli for HHModels

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