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Creating beautiful looks requires using many products and having various options to fit all of our clients. Having a lot of beauty products is definitely a fun glamorous part of being a Makeup and Hair artist, but transportation could be complicated, choosing the right carrier is essential. You want a carrier that would protect your supplies, keep them organized and it won't be extra heavy.

There are many options in the market and many Artists would prefer differently. The most important tip I could give you is to look for these important pointers:

  • The carrier should be light when not filled with products.

  • Look for a carrier that has compartments or bags you can use to organize your supplies.

  • Match the carrier to the occasion, have different sizes so you won't have to travel always with your full kit.

  • Keep in mind how are you going to get to your client. If you have to go up and down stairs, maybe wheels are not the best idea; but if you are working mostly in places with elevators and easy access a carrier with wheels would ease on your back a lot!

  • Keep your kit minimalistic! Having many products is beautiful and impressive, but having too many products would make your kit heavier and more complicated to travel. Even the most minimalistic beauty kit would be impressive as well there is no need to carry more than your best products.

  • Look for carriers made especially for beauty supplies, known to protect your kit as needed.

  • Use cup like canisters that close for your brushes and pencils, this allows you to create a station in seconds just by opening them.

  • Depot your eyeshadows, concealers, powders, and blushes to create pallets and save a lot of space!

The way you store and transport your kit is very important for your effectiveness at work and the life of your products. Is the home to your most precious assets.

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