tweezers by katy taurel



Essential tool to look clean

A very important part of looking sharp is keeping your brows in shape and unwanted hairs out. A good pair of tweezers is an essential tool, there are many in the market at different prices here are some tips choose.

  • The tip matters: Pointed ones are great for getting ingrown hairs, Slanted tweezers are better for shaping, square-tipped ones are excellent to get a larger area of hair.

  • To get a good grip, use matte finish which is less slippery and opt for wide-grip with oval handles.

  • Stainless steel is best for your skin and it stays sharp longer.

  • Tweezers need to be sharp to get your hairs faster.

To keep them as new, always keep it with the plastic cap that comes with it. You can sharpen them at a knife store if needed. Clean them every time with alcohol, you can also sterilize them by soaking them in boiling water for a few minutes.

Always shape your brows and get rid of unwanted hair with good lighting and with enough time to do it properly. Do it at least every two weeks to keep a nice clean look.

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